We are a team of certified Apple teachers, so we have constant access to the very latest information made available by Apple.

We make it our business to learn about every new and updated feature in every Apple release.

We continue to research how people learn, so we can provide the ultimate training experience for people of all ages, from all walks of life.

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SturItUp offers numerous training options for individuals, groups, organizations, and teams of all sizes.

Here at SturItUp we know everyone obtains and retains information Differently. So contact us to discuss your plan and pricing.

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The following products and product categories are eligible for SturItUp training:

• Apple iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/HomePod/Apple Watch/MAC


• Apple iCloud, Continuity features, and integration of multiple devices

• Use of all current Apple apps and numerous third-party apps

• Use of the voiceover screen reader and other accessibility features and apps

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